Hey Parents!

The question we want our children to learn to ask themselves is “How is the next decision I make going to affect me?”
Parenting the Love & Logic course is created by Jim Fay and Foster Cline, M.D. and presented by Gretna United Methodist Church.  This is not just for parents of small children!  This helps with children of all ages!

Learn how to:

  • Put an end to arguing, back talk and begging.
  • Teach responsibility without losing their love.
  • Set limits without waging war.
  • Avoid power struggles.
  • Guide kids to own and solve their problems.
  • Teach kids to complete chores without reminders and without pay.

Love allows children to grow through their mistakes. Logic allows them to live with the consequences of their choices.

The Love and Logic approach is easy to use, raises responsible kids, and changes lives.

Since 1977, the Love and Logic Institute has been dedicated to making parenting and teaching fun and rewarding, instead of stressful and chaotic. We provide practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children and help them prepare their kids for the real world. All of our work is based on a psychologically sound parenting and teaching philosophy called Love and Logic. Facilitators of the Parenting the Love and Logic Way curriculum are independent and are not employees of the Love and Logic Institute.

Dates:  Sunday afternoons, starting January 7th, 2018

Time: 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Location: Gretna United Methodist Church, 11457 S. 204th St.

Cost: $10 per person/couple (covers the cost of the workbook)

This six week course will begin on January 7th.  The class is free however the required workbook is $10 (couples may share a workbook) and pre-registration is recommended by December 30, 2017, to allow time for material and workbooks to arrive for first class.

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Please contact Jeff or Shirley Boyer with questions at parenting@gretnaumc.com

(Facilitators of the Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ curriculum are independent and are not employees of the Love and Logic Institute.)