Mission trips are one of the best ways to grow in our faith, put our faith into action, and to help others.

Each year, our SWAT group is given the opportunity to participate in a Summer Mission Trip.  Recently, our group has partnered with Living Faith United Methodist Church in Omaha.

Those interested in participating need to make a commitment in December and plan to be an active part in both the Senior High Youth Group Sunday School class and SWAT on Wednesday nights (attending regularly).  SWAT will cover 1/3 of the cost for active participants.

Those who also participate in the fund-raising events hosted by SWAT will also receive up to 1/3 of the cost from those funds.

The remaining balance of the cost will be the responsibility of the student.

Mission Trip 2018 — June 15 – 18: Kansas City

Please pray for the youth and adults who are going on the mission trip.  Urban Plunge is an opportunity for the group to experience different types of Mission Projects.  These opportunities will help participants to see where their passions lie in the mission field.

Look for information about meetings and registration on the “Events” page and in the newsletter or contact Anna Howard at education@gretnaumc.org

Mission Trip 2017 — June 11-16: Dallas, Texas

Long Days, Awesome People and Rewarding Work. 

Those are the 3 things that stick out when I reflect on the Urban Plunge. Chloe O. and I joined the youth group from Living Faith on the long car trip to Dallas, Texas. We spent 4 days doing work at 5 mission sites.

Monday – We then went to Autumn Oaks apartments and painted some walls and sorted thousands of clothing items. After that, we enjoyed a few rounds of boxing at their youth gym and then some Dallas sightseeing. We got to see the stadiums where the Cowboys and Rangers play, praying for our country at the site of Kennedy’s assassination and enjoyed some Slurpees.

Tuesday – We started by working and playing with the kids at a summer program. We taught a Bible lesson about Genesis 3, and played some more. Then it was off to a shower facility to clean and sort clothes.

Next, we leapt out of their comfort zones when we went into a homeless tent city underneath an overpass. Youth handed out water and freezer pops and hygiene items. Even more awesome, they talked to, and listened to and prayed with and for these people.

After that, we worshiped at Victory Outreach. We joined their youth worship and were re-energized by their passion.

Wednesday – We spent the entire day (about 11 hours) at Inspired Vision. They are an amazing ministry that feeds thousands. We handed out food to 638 families.

We sorted, lifted and delivered and prayed for people. We also found out that we would be leading worship. Living Faith’s youth led praise music, Leaders from Living Faith preached and everybody led Bible studies. Chloe and I taught the story or Noah’s Ark with the children and the other youth had fellowship with the youth and adults. Then we went out for authentic street tacos!

Thursday – Unexpectedly long day. Up early to clean and move out of our home away from home. Then we split up into 2 groups. Each of us got to go back to the ministry that touched us the most. Some went back to the kids camp to work and play again. The rest went back to Inspired Vision and sorted out toys to give to 1500 kids at an event this weekend.

We started our journey back to Omaha and were met by huge storms coming into Kansas. With fuel breaks, traffic and storms, finally about 2 hours behind schedule, we pulled in to the loving hospitality of First United Methodist church of Wichita Kansas.

Friday – We ended our trip with some fun! We stopped at Power Play in Shawnee, KS. Go-karts, Laser Tag, and video games. We made it back home just before the storm hit.

I am so grateful that we partnered with this amazing youth group. They welcomed us into their group like true members. We felt loved and touched by their passion and hard work. I look forward to partnering with them again during the school year and on future mission trips.

Anna Howard