Starting November 4, the Outreach Committee will be kicking off a Random Acts of Kindness Campaign.  During the two weeks that follow, we will encourage all members to complete at least two (if not more) random acts of kindness throughout Gretna and the surrounding areas.

Imagine if 200 of us completed two random acts of kindness.  What an impact that could make!

Cards are available at the church so the receivers will know that your act of kindness was provided by a member of the Gretna United Methodist Church.

Need ideas on what you can do as a random act of kindness?  Here are a few but we encourage you to be creative and think about how you can reach out and be kind in your community.

  • Pay for the meal of the person behind you in a drive-thru
  • Send a special treat to the local fire or police station
  • Send flowers to a resident in a nursing home
  • leave an extra big tip for your restaurant server
  • Buy extra school supplies and donate them to a school
  • Leave a roll of quarters at the laundromat
  • Donate food or supplies to an animal shelter
  • Leave a treat for a mailman or delivery person
  • Babysit for free
  • Rake leaves for a neighbor
  • Buy a grocery gift card and leave it on the windshield of a car
  • Drop off cookies to a random business
  • Donate diapers, wipes or formula to a local shelter
  • Buy a small gift or toy and mail it to a child
  • Leave a gift card in a random mailbox