I was lost, but now am found…

I didn’t grow up with religion or faith.  We didn’t go to church on Sundays; Christmas was for gifts, and Easter was for candy and eggs.  I had no thoughts of what this world was all about.  When my wife & I were married and planned to have children, we knew there was something missing in our lives.  We were missing God in our lives.  Our search led us to Gretna United Methodist church.  In the twenty years I have been a part of this congregation I have grown in my walk and my sense of belonging in a faith community.  The various Bible Studies, volunteer work, and fellowship have helped me to see that Christ is working through me.  I have learned that all that I have isn’t mine, but belongs to God.  I have learned to give more than I receive.  I continue to grow in my faith with the men’s group, talking about everyday things and about being a husband and father.  As time goes on, I’ve seen the church grow as more continue to come and join our community.  I am excited to see our youth become involved in projects and activities at the church, and I encourage them to be involved at an early age.  They will see at a much earlier age than I did.

Sincerely, I was blind, but now I see



My parents have taken me to church with them for as long as I remember.  We attend the loving and caring Gretna United Methodist Church.  I have attended the senior high youth group every Wednesday for the past three years.  I have gotten to know so many in my church by attending worship and serving others.  One memorable service project is our annual Evening in Venice, where we transform the church Fellowship Hall into a romantic, Venice-like restaurant and serve attendees a spaghetti dinner.  I have helped as a bus boy, a cook, and with meal preparation.  The money we raise goes into our youth group fund for activities and mission trips.  I really enjoy volunteering because it is such a great environment for youth.  I couldn’t have these opportunities without the great leaders we have.  They direct our youth group and guide us in our service to others.  But most importantly, they lead us on our way to walk in the footsteps of Christ.