Safe Gatherings is the Great Plains Conference background check and certification program.  This program has been instituted in all the United Methodist Churches in the Great Plains Conference as a biblically-based boundary and awareness and abuse prevention program.

For the protection of your children and youth and the staff and volunteers, to the best of our abilities, these policies are adhered to.  Because of these guidelines, it is important that parents are diligent when picking up and dropping off students.  For this reason, please do not drop off your children or allow your children to arrive before 6:00 pm on Wednesday evenings, or no sooner than 15 minutes before the start of their event.  Most of these policies are common sense but some are more specific.

Children Guidelines

  • Minimum of two unrelated adults should be present with children.
  • One adult should not be alone with a child.
  • Volunteers or staff should always have supervision or a witness present with a child of same or opposite gender for a sustained period of time.
  • Release of children (birth-5th grade) will be only to a person with proper receipt claim.  In cases of lost receipt or any problems, the may be released by a staff member.

Youth Guidelines

  • All meetings, gatherings, and events associated with youth ministries will adhere to the unrelated adult minimum rule.
  • On the occasion when a worker needs to meet individually with a student of the same gender outside of regularly scheduled programs, parental consent must be first obtained.  All meetings must occur in a public place where other people are present (i.e., restaurants or coffee shops).
  • When providing rides to students, volunteers should have a third person in the car.  Under no circumstances shall any worker be alone in a car with an individual student of the opposite gender.

The complete document of these policies will be outside every classroom and will be provided to all volunteers.  Thank you for your support and partnership in adhering all of the Safe Gatherings policies so that students for years to come can grow in Christ in a safe and trustworthy environment.