Our Mission:

Our mission is to be a community of Christian Faith where God’s Family Grows Together through Genuine Connection, Inspiring  Worship, Meaningful Service, and Christ Centered Education & Activities.

What does this mean?

Where – “where” is more than a building, although it’s a great place to gather together not only on Sunday, but as we live out our faith together. “Where” is our community of faith that serves Christ in our community, our metro area, state, and worldwide.

God’s – We recognize that we are God’s.  He knows us each by name, and knows the very hairs on our head!  We know that we are bound together by his love for us and our love for him.  Our church is not owned by people, we are claimed by God.

Family – Family goes well beyond blood & marital relations.  Jesus himself defined his family as those who do the will of God.  So our family takes on many forms!  We have traditional families, blended families, grandparents, single parents, singles, widows and widowers.  All are invited to be a part of God’s family here at Gretna United Methodist Church.

Grows – We are growing!  This isn’t just a count of how many share in worship or our ministries.  This also means that we are growing in our faith and in our service to Christ and his creation.

Together – We are not alone.  We travel on our journey together in faith, bearing one another’s burdens.  We travel it with other Christians in our community and in our world.  While we celebrate the traditions and doctrines of our denomination, we also recognize the unique qualities of other denominations in our community and strive to work along side them as servants of Christ.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to be a Christian community where all families are connected, nurtured, and strengthened.